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Taylor Lewis

Taylor Lewis

Taylor Lewis is a 27 year old with a generalized lymphatic anomaly (GLA). She is a mental health therapist by day and a proud goldendoodle mom to Chewie and wife to her caring and supportive husband Alex. Taylor was a competitive tennis player whose journey took a shift due to her disease. She has since grown a passion for helping others and highlight the importance of mental health support and reproductive issues of chronic disease. Through her journey of having a rare chronic disease she has experienced many highs and lows through college, relationships, and the workplace. 

Taylor has learned two great lessons through living with a chronic disease:

  1. The importance of advocacy and believing that coming together will provide hope and change for the future.
  2. When one opportunity is taken away in life, another will present itself and you may find it to be even more fulfilling.

Thank you to our partners.