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Young Investigator Award

The award cultivates the best and brightest future professionals who are committed to CLA research. LGDA, in cooperation with partners and the Orphan Disease Center, funded two awards of $25,000 to early career researchers, such as postdoctoral and clinical fellows or instructors, pursuing promising research ideas related to CLAs.

The 2022 awards were made possible from donations raised for the 2021 Million Dollar Bike Ride. We recognize that the research and scientific communities are vital to our patient support programs and activities which are tailored for a patients’ wellbeing.


Michela Rossi, PhD
Location: Bone Physiopathology Research Unite, Bambino Gesu Children’s Hospital, Rome
Mentor: Andre Del Fattore
Title: Analysis of a new therapeutic approach to inhibit osteolysis in Gorham-Stout Disease

Silvia Martin Almedina, Senior Postdoctoral Fellow
Location: St. George’s University of London
Mentor: Pia Ostergaard
Title: Molecular mechanisms of EPHB4 pathogenesis – towards new treatment development for lymphatic anomalies


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