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New Horizons - Mike Kelly, Executive Director

Hello, I'm Mike, and I'm honored and humbled to serve as leader of the LGDA. I have been a part of the CLA community for over 20 years, as a doctor, scientist, advocate and now the Executive Director of the LGDA.

The past year has been transformative for both our organization and the CLA community. At LGDA, we have passed the torch from long time president, Jack Kelly to me.

As our new leader, my philosophy is to build on the solid organizational foundation that Jack and his colleagues have established, which includes embarking on new initiatives and advancing our ongoing efforts.

We have leveraged the Rare As One award from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to bring in new faces with new ideas and a renewed energy, expanded our patient support capabilities and research network, and upgraded the CLA global registry. We have partnered with the Lymphatic Malformation Institute (LMI) and LGDA Europe to align priorities and resources to best impact the CLA global community.

Finally, we are embarking on a strategic planning process inclusive of our patient, medical and scientific communities that will help plot the future for the LGDA and determine how we can best meet the needs of our patients and their families.

It is truly a transformative time. But critical work remains. Throughout the following pages, we welcome you to learn more about all the pivotal happenings that have the potential to transform and improve how we support, treat, and – one day – cure CLAs. Together, with you, our incredibly supportive and generous community, we can create meaningful progress.

Michael Kelly, MD, PhD
Executive Director