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Patients & Caregivers



Welcome to the CLA Community! Learn more about our community and LGDA.

Support Team

Our LGDA Support Team is available to:

  • provide a listening ear 
  • share experiences 
  • connect you with a CLA expert
  • support you in your fundraising efforts 
  • connect you with other families local to you 
  • Don’t feel alone – get in touch 

Contact us at

Online Groups

LGDA has a public Facebook page anyone can “like” where we post information about events happening in our community and stories.

For adult patients and the parents of patients under the age of 18, we maintain a private Facebook group. This group was created as a place where patients and parents can share experiences. This group will not show up in searches and you must be an approved member. 

Facebook Support

For friends and families, we maintain a private Facebook group. This is a closed group which can be found through a search, and you must be an approved member. This group was created as a place where families and friends can share experiences. 

Join Group

If you are interested in joining the group, send a request to

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