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Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Current patient survey and study:

  1. National Cancer Institute Critical Challenges and Opportunities For Lymphatic Scientific, Clinical, and Disease Communities: The National Commission on Lymphatic Diseases invites public input on critical challenges and opportunities for the lymphatic scientific, clinical, and disease community, including strategies for fostering exploration of the patient and caregiver experience and perspectives from groups that support the care of the lymphatic disease community.  Public comments are also sought regarding scientific and clinical opportunities in lymphatic diseases including fundamental knowledge, implementation of practice guidelines, and addressing gaps and disparities. See complete information
  2. Vascular Anomalies Family Planning Study: A researcher at Ohio University is recruiting female patients with vascular anomalies to participate in an interview about their experiences related to pregnancy, fertility, and family planning. See complete information.
  3. A Prospective Natural History Study of Lymphatic Anomalies: Find out more about the study and the eligibility criteria here.
  4. Oral Side Effects Associated With Lymphatic Disorders: Patients and their parents are invited to complete a short survey. See complete information. Questions - contact Aparna Bhat, DMD, MD

LGDA posts research programs conducting clinical trials into the causes and/or treatments of CLAs. This information is a resource only and LGDA receives no support or compensation for the listing of research programs/clinical trails. We recommend that you seek the guidance of your physician when making decisions regarding research or entering a clinical trial. 

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