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Million Dollar Bike Ride Recipients


Investigator: Karina Yaniv
Institution: Sheba Medical Center
Award: $68,650
Title of Project: A novel Zebrafish model of Kaposiform Lymphangiomatosis: A tool for drug discovery

Young Investigator Award 

Michela Rossi, PhD
Location: Bone Physiopathology Research Unite, Bambino Gesu Children’s Hospital, Rome
Mentor: Andre Del Fattore
Award: $25,000
Title: Analysis of a new therapeutic approach to inhibit osteolysis in Gorham-Stout Disease

Silvia Martin Almedina, Senior Postdoctoral Fellow
Location: St. George’s University of London
Mentor: Pia Ostergaard
Award: $25,000
Title: Molecular mechanisms of EPHB4 pathogenesis – towards new treatment development for lymphatic anomalies

Investigator: Brian Sisk, MD
Institution: Washington University School of Medicine (Saint Louis, MO)
Award: $53,460
Title of Project: Identifying Unmet Care and Communication Needs of Families Affected by Complex Lymphatic Anomalies

Investigator: Andrea Del Fattore, PhD
Institution: Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital, IRCCS (Rome, Italy)
Award: $81,965
Title of Project: Understanding the effects of Sirolimus/Zoledronic acid treatment bone remodeling activity in patients with Gorham-Stout disease

Investigator: Julie Blatt, MD
Institution: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)
Award: $62,861
Title of Project: Engineered microvessels derived from lymphatic endothelium as an in vitro model for drug repurposing for lymphatic malformations

Investigator: Shoshana Greenberger, MD PhD
Institution: Sheba Medical and Tel-Aviv University, Israel (Ramat Gan, Israel)
Award: $50,535
Title of Project: Role of NRAS mutations in the pathology of generalized lymphatic anomaly

Investigator: Andrea Del Fattore, PhD
Institution: Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital, IRCCS (Rome, Italy)
Award: $50,535
Title of Project: Analysis of crosstalk between regulatory T and bone cells in Gorham-Stout

Investigator: J. Brandon Dixon, PhD
Institution: Georgia Tech (Atlanta, GA)
Award: $80,000
Title of Project: Tissue Engineered Lymphatic Malformation on a Chip for Screening Therapeutics

Investigator: Denise Adams, MD
Institution: Boston Children’s Hospital (Boston, MA)
Award: $52,109
Title of Project: Retrospective analysis of the safety and efficacy of lymphatic anomalies of the bone (Generalized Lymphatic anomaly (GLA), Gorham Stout Disease (GSD), Channel type Lymphatic Malformation (CTLM)) treated with mTOR inhibition and bisphosphonates

Investigator: Andrea Del Fattore, PhD and Andrea Bartuli, MD
Institution: Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital (Rome, Italy)
Award: $59,000
Title of Project: Understanding the molecular and cellular defects of bone remodeling in patients affected by Gorham-Stout disease (GSD)

Investigator: Carrie Shawber, PhD
Institution: Columbia University Medical Center (New York, New York)
Award: $101,000
Title of Project: Identification of the Genetic Causes of Generalized Lymphatic Anomalies

Investigators: Maxim Itkin, MD and Yaov Dori, MD
Institution: University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA)
Award: $101,000
Title of Project: Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MR Lymphangiogram Imaging of Lymphatic Anomalies

Investigator: David Cormode, PhD
Institution: University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA)
Award: $51,000
Title of Project: Nano-magnetic Oils for the Study of Intestinal Lymphatics in Lymphangiomatosis

Investigator: Joseph Rutkowski, PhD
Institution: Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Medicine (College Station, TX)
Award: $51,000
Title of Project: Inducible Lymphatic Hyperplasia to Drive Chylous Accumulation Mimicking Lymphangiomatosis

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