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2021 CLA Conference

Xenograft Model of KLA

Tim LeCras, PhD – Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (Ohio, USA)

Tim LeCras, M.D., Ph.D., presents on the preclinical Xenograft model of kaposiform lymphangiomatosis (KLA). About Our Presenter: The goal of Dr. LeCras' research program is to investigate the mechanisms underlying vascular anomalies in children and adults. He has been working in the field of vascular biology and disease for over 30 years and possesses extensive expertise studying the molecular and cellular pathways underlying human diseases. More recently, his work has focused on the role of vascular growth factors and gene mutations in human endothelial cells and how they contribute to the pathogenesis of vascular anomalies. The strength of this research is the use of human cells and samples to determine signaling pathways, identify disease biomarkers and test potential novel targeted therapies. Dr. LeCras collaborates with physicians and scientists who are world-experts in the investigation and treatment of vascular anomalies, both at Cincinnati Children’s and other major medical centers.