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2023 CLA Conference

Experience in the Use of Alpelisib in Patients with Vascular Anomalies

Watch this presentation from Dr. Paloma Triana, MD, and discover how Alpelisib, an exciting breakthrough drug, is revolutionizing the treatment of vascular anomalies related to PIK3CA mutations. In this informative video, we will:

  1. Uncover the intricate details of PIK3CA-related anomalies, a group of rare diseases driven by mosaic mutations in the PIK3CA gene.
  2. Explore the wide spectrum of abnormalities and complications faced by patients.
  3. Understand the evolution of treatment approaches, from aggressive surgeries to promising pharmacological interventions.
  4. Witness the remarkable outcomes of Alpelisib in patients with severe and progressive PIK3CA-related anomalies.
  5. Get insights from a retrospective study and a 2021 clinical trial, offering a glimpse into Alpelisib role in treating these anomalies.