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2023 CLA Conference

Interventions in Complex Lymphatic Anomalies: Current and Future Directions

Join Deb Rabinowitz, MD, Nemours Children's Hospital-Delaware on a captivating journey as we shift our focus from the microscope to the clinic, delving into the intricate world of lymphatic anomalies. In this insightful video, we explore the clinical aspects of vascular anomalies, offering a rare glimpse into the lives of patients and how medical professionals work tirelessly to address their conditions. Our journey begins with an exploration of the lymphatic anatomy, an intricate network crucial for maintaining fluid balance. Discover how the innovative technique of intranodal lymphangiogram, using ultrasound-guided 25-gauge needles, has revolutionized our ability to visualize the lymphatic system, providing unprecedented insights into its flow and structure. We also delve into distinct phenotypes of lymphatic anomalies, including Central Conducting Lymphatic Anomaly, Gorham-Stout Disease, and the Noonan Syndrome. Uncover the complex relationship between clinical diagnoses and imaging findings, highlighting the need for further research and data. Learn how medical professionals gain access to the lymphatic system through minimally invasive procedures, offering a glimpse of the cutting-edge methods used to improve patients' quality of life.