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2023 CLA Conference

Molecular Mechanisms of EPHB4 Pathogenesis: Towards New Treatment for Lymphatic Anomalies

Join us on a captivating scientific voyage as we unravel the mysteries of EPHB4 associated lymphatic-related hydrops. In this video, you will go behind the scenes of the groundbreaking research project at St. George's University of London. You'll explore the intricate world of lymphatic anomalies and the vital role of genetic understanding in diagnosing and treating these challenging conditions.

Discover the collaborative spirit that drives their multidisciplinary research team and learn how they are working toward improving the lives of individuals with lymphatic disorders. Dive into the enigma of EPHB4 mutations and the potential of MEK inhibitors as a novel therapeutic approach. This video provides a comprehensive overview of their ongoing research, shedding light on the promising insights that may shape the future of lymphatic anomaly treatments.

Whether you're a scientist, a medical professional, or simply curious about cutting-edge research, this video will take you on an enlightening journey through the world of scientific exploration. Get ready to be informed, inspired, and captivated by the incredible possibilities on the horizon. Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of our mission to unravel the mysteries of EPHB4 associated lymphatic-related hydrops. Subscribe, like, and stay tuned for an eye-opening and inspiring experience!