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2023 CLA Conference

The Role of Hyperactive KRAS Signaling in Complex Lymphatic Anomalies

Unraveling the Mysteries of Lymphatic Vessels: How Mutant KRAS Alters the Cellular Landscape

In this video, we explore groundbreaking, unpublished research that delves deep into the impact of mutant KRAS on the cellular and transcriptional landscape of these vital networks.

Discover the Organization of the Lymphatic Network: Get a clear understanding of how the lymphatic system functions, from lymphatic capillaries to collecting lymphatic vessels, and their crucial role in maintaining tissue balance.

Complex Lymphatic Anomalies Unveiled: Learn about rare diseases caused by the maldevelopment of lymphatic vessels and how recent research has revealed the role of somatic activating mutations in KRAS in these anomalies.

Key Findings and Insights: Dive into the intriguing discoveries made by researchers, including the impact of mutant KRAS on lymphatic vessels in newborn animals versus young adults, and the expansion of specific lymphatic endothelial cell populations.

Future Directions and Implications: Explore the next steps in this research journey, including validating single-cell RNA sequencing data, characterizing newly identified lymphatic endothelial cell populations, and studying the potential molecular mechanisms behind lymphatic valve loss.