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Sean Chastain

Sean Chastain

Sean became acquainted with the CLA community shortly after his son’s GLA diagnosis in 2012.  At their great doctors in Cincinnati’s suggestion, Sean and wife Michelle attended the first Patient Conference in Dallas in 2014 where they met Jack Kelly.  Jack’s enthusiasm for the LGDA left an impression.   After years of navigating their local medical community with few (if any) doctors with any experience with the disease, as well as jumping through hoops with health insurance that found most treatment options to be “experimental”, the need for advocacy became clear to Sean.


Sean is third generation owner of Chastain Otis Insurance Agency in Omaha, NE.   He started in 1998 after graduating from the University of Nebraska Omaha with a BS in Business Management.  He served as a board member with the Independent Insurance Agents of Omaha for several years, including as President in 2008.  He also has served on various boards with the Independent Insurance Agents of Nebraska, and continues to this day.   In his free time Sean enjoys spending time in Osage Beach at the family’s lake house and playing golf (albeit poorly) with friends.  And as a native Nebraskan, is obligated to root on the Huskers on Fall Saturdays.