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LGDA ensures patients with complex lymphatic anomalies (CLAs) have the comprehensive support they need from peer, medical, and scientific communities to lead longer, higher-quality lives.

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LGDA/LMI International Conference on Complex Lymphatic Anomalies

The International Scientific Conference on Complex Lymphatic Anomalies brings together leaders in the field to discuss the latest research on CLAs. It will also foster collaboration among investigators studying CLAs and to bridge the communication gaps between scientists, clinicians, patients, and their families to improve clinical care and accelerate research, and therapeutics. The conference will be virtual. Learn More.

Mental Health Webinar Series - September and October

Register for our insightful webinar series focused on empowering patients and their families with valuable knowledge and self-help techniques to address mental health issues and concerns. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the diverse nature of mental health concerns, realizing that families, patients, and caregivers have unique experiences.