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Join LGDA's Board of Directors: Help Shape the Future for CLA Patients

LGDA Board Member Openings

Seeking New Board Members

LGDA is at a crucial moment to take stock and chart an intentional and strategic path forward to better support our patient community.  We are looking for dedicated and enthusiastic individuals to join our Board of Directors, who can help us drive a global agenda aimed at improving the physical and mental health of the CLA community.

About LGDA

Since 2007, LGDA has been a champion for patients with rare Complex Lymphatic Anomalies (CLA). The founder of LGDA, Jana Sheets, was herself a patient and believed bringing patients together for connection, resources, and support was the most important priority for the organization. Today, we are the premier organization for CLA in the world and the only organization with a holistic focus on supporting the CLA community.


Patients with complex lymphatic anomalies live longer, healthier lives.


We connect patients and families to peers and networks of care, partner to advance new research, and educate the medical community to help all people navigating complex lymphatic anomalies have hope for a healthier tomorrow.

Contact LGDA

If interested in learning more about this exciting opportunity, please fill out a quick application form and we will be in touch. Specific questions can be emailed to